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We don’t just talk – we listen, and take great care to match our clients with the best funding solution for their business use-case. 

$5k - $2.5M

Short Term Funding

Excellent for covering unexpected expenses and cashflow gaps. No collateral is required.

$5K - $1M

Lines of Credit

A good option for covering short term expenses, such as operating costs or inventory. No collateral is required, and a higher credit score is favorable.

$100K - $10M

Asset Backed Lending

A good solution for when a cashflow decrease, followed by a future increase, is anticipated. Liquid or illiquid collateral is required.

$1M - $10M

Term Loans

A great option for buying fixed assets, such as equipment, a new building, or real estate.

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We serve a multitude of industries. You can find a list of the most common ones here – but don’t be alarmed if yours isn’t listed. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll let you know.

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Normally, we approve businesses for 100 – 150% of their gross monthly income. Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is different, and your approval amount may very depending on several factors.

A low score will not automatically disqualify you, although it may limit your options. Since we primarily offer revenue based funding, your personal credit score will not carry as heavy a weight as your gross monthly revenue.

Unfortunately, we don’t. Our programs require existing revenue and revenue history.

The cost of funding varies and is determined by risk factor, and on a case by case basis. 

It usually takes less than 2 business days from the time that we receive all necessary documents from you to reach an approval decision. Sometimes, same-day funding is possible.

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That’s why we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk, and pride ourselves in delivering consistently effective results to our clients.

At Ace Partners, we focus on what our clients want and where they want to go. Capital isn't scarce. Vision is. We take pride in our ability to quickly secure the funding that small business owners need, and deliver the best options for each business we work with.

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